Lion Alpin – The snow is simply whiter in the Alps!

Skiing is a unique experience. Go along with the forces of nature and let them send you gliding down through the white landscape. Feel the wind on your cheeks and swing rhythmically from side to side in a superb carving swing. Then with red cheeks and tired legs, sip a steaming cup of chocolate with the people you love. Creep under a warm duvet and sleep soundly all night...

Lion Alpin has never been better equipped to give you your best holiday ever. The newly built Hotel Planai in Schladming and Grafenberg Resort in Wagrain are the flagships, but all seven concept hotels in Austria were designed from scratch based on years of experience of what Scandinavian skiers want and demand. The staff know that their guests are expecting the best. Everyone who travels with Lion Alpin wants a really perfect skiing holiday, so it is a big responsibility to take them on. That is why they provide you with complete, all-inclusive package trips, and you can be sure everything has been thought of. They are with you all the way, from the airport in Sweden to the snowy heights of the Alps. Their qualified guides are passionate skiers themselves. Their commitment and local knowledge mean they will do everything to give you the experiences you cannot achieve on your own.

That is why Lion Alpin boldly claims that the skiing experience they offer is quite out of the ordinary.


Key facts at a glance:

  • The Alps at Scandinavian mountain prices
  • 13 unique destinations for skiing holidays and skiing trips to Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
  • 7 concept hotels at outstanding destinations
  • The most comprehensive money-back guarantee on the market
  • An extensive coach and flight programme
  • Well-qualified guides


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