Højmark – Skiing holidays in a class of their own

Højmark Rejser brings together people with a passion for skiing, who seek out those moments of triumph and unforgettable adventures in the snow. In good company guests have those unique moments and fantastic experiences – but it is as individuals they feel the nip of frost in their noses, or press the edges of their skis against the newly prepared piste, and you are alone if you get reckless and topple over in the snow, and have to get yourself up while friends in your group, your family or your fiancé are all laughing at you. Things like that make a skiing holiday unforgettable, and that is why Højmark Rejser can send Danish snow enthusiasts on skiing trips year after year.

Højmark Rejser believe in individualism and being different. Some ski destinations are best for families with children and beginners. Some have the best, most challenging black pistes. Or evening ski runs. Ski safaris. Wellness. Shopping. Short trips. After-ski. Making friends. Unique moments with the family. There are all sorts of other possibilities. Højmark Rejser caters for every imaginable need, and is happy to be challenged if there are special requests. In short, you can expect a skiing holiday in a class of its own.

The whole idea behind Højmark Rejser's MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, seven concept hotels and the Elliot children's concept – is to ensure that year after year, all our guests, whatever their age, enjoy a quality holiday, and service levels and the guide team are simply first rate. Højmark Rejser has over 20 years of experience, and with a total of thirteen destinations and Denmark's most extensive coach and flight programme, Højmark Rejser will always do its best to make sure your next skiing holiday is unforgettable!


Key facts at a glance:

  • Højmark Rejser is Denmark's leading organiser of skiing trips to the Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites
  • 13 unique destinations for skiing holidays and skiing trips to Austria, Italy and Switzerland
  • 7 special-concept skiing hotels at outstanding destinations
  • The most comprehensive money-back guarantee on the market
  • Denmark's most extensive coach and flight programme
  • Well-trained guides, who will ensure your skiing holiday is really special

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